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Why Us ?

We believe that progress has no limits

Our passion is to give a trustful customer experience, creating pleasant and quality long time relationships, which warrant the delivery of accurate solutions at the correct time and cost. Our flexibility allows us to customize solutions, which accomplish our customer’s desires in terms of machine safety, quality, process and enterprise integration.

Our Company

Services & Products

Giving Value to our customer's specifications

We have the knowledge and experience to enhance our customers’ ideas, creating a unique connection that will ensure the success. Thanks to our 3D tools, our customers have a VR experience to go deep into their ideas, allowing a complete approach to the solution previous to the final implementation.

Our Services and Products

Our Location

Good communication make us better

Our customers have a reliable contact person according to their needs; enabling the team synergy and communication flow according to the process requirements. That is how we build close ties to our customers and partners, despite the geographical distance; our services and products are worldwide.

Our Location

German quality to your service

In our facilities in Malsch, our customers can follow our design and assembly process. It is also possible to have a first process overview during the Factory acceptance tests (FAT), or have an initial approach to new processes in our laboratory.


Our address: Daimlerstrasse 20c

Our phone: +49 7246 9250-0