Confectionery Solutions

Our company creates new machine designs and improves existing machines to accomplish international standards as FDA, PackML, ISO.S88, ISO.S95.


The line consists of an extruder to form several endless ropes and a cooling tunnel with up to 13 tiers, after which the product is guided to the individual cut & wrap machines.


  • Up to 2000 kg/h 

Products Applications:

  • Tab gum
  • Bubble gum
  • Special gum: layered (2-3) or center filled gum (liquid or powder)
  • Chew candy and toffee

An extruder creates an endless ribbon of gum, which the Rolling & Scoring machine laminates and cuts according to the customer specification. Numerous options like a pre-extrusion system, cooling tunnels or the automatic sheet stacking system can be implemented to homogenize the product properties and optimize the process.

Capacity & Options:

  • From 1000 kg/h Up to 4500 kg/h
  • From 7” to 24” 

Products Applications:

  • Tab gum
  • Stick and mini stick
  • Special gum: layers (2-3)  
  • Dragee or pillow

The ball forming line begins with a single screw extruder with infeed rollers to form two endless ropes. The heart of the line is the ball forming machine which cuts the extruded ropes and forms the balls or other rotationally symmetrical shapes. The ball forming machine can process two ropes simultaneously, delivering a superior output. A cooling tunnel stabilizes the product shape afterwards.

Capacity & Options:

  • Up to 900 kg/h
  • From 10 mm to 28 mm diameter 

Products Applications:

  • Powder filled products
  • Liquid filled products
  • Hollow products
  • Solid products
PRE-Extruder – Mainextruder  – Labextruder

Extruders with independent heating zones according to the user requirements provide the required accuracy for any confectionery product. Our extruder barrels can be opened manually or automatically for cleaning, allowing a quick changeover and a flexible screw handling. The machines can be integrated in a complete line or act as an independent machine, depending on the process.

Capacity & Options:

  • 50 up to 5000 kg/h
  • From lab size to 24" product 

Product applications:

  • Endless ribbons or ropes of gum
  • Liquid or powder filled ropes
  • Layered gum (2-3 layers) 

Extruder Types:

  • Twin screw counter rotating with or without infeed rollers
  • Single screw with infeed rollers
  • Pre Extruder twin screw with oversized hopper
  • Co Extruder twin screw with or without infeed rollers
  • Filling Extruder single screw with infeed rollers

Our cooling / heating tunnels are insulated all around with “sandwich system“ panels of polystyrene and aluminum. The modular design allows numerous configurations according to the customer requirements and the space restrictions. There are three different types of tunnels depending on the line or the application.

Approximated Capacity (Up to 2500Kg/h)


  • Pre Cooling / Heating
  • Intermediate Cooling
  • Main Cooling / Heating
Coating machines – fixed or tiltable – Lab coating machine

Gabler manufactures completely automatic coating systems, with a pan in onion or pear shape depending on the application. Our innovative spraying technique and the extensive drying system provide the shortest coating times in the business. The recipe management and the coating angle control provide various possibilities to improve existing coating processes.


  • from 20 kg to 1000 kg per batch


  • Soft sugar coating

  • Hard sugar coating

  • Chocolate coating

  • Heated Coating for roasted products (like roasted almonds)

Spraying technology – Spraying equipment –Spraying cabin – Spraying system

Gabler spraying machines can be integrated in a moulding line, and used to spray a barrier or to decorate the product, with a speed up to 25 moulds per minute.


  • Sugar spraying and other liquid solutions

  • Chocolate spraying

  • Film spraying

  • Other viscous masses

Continuous Mixing, allows main ingredients to be introduced automatically into the machine to obtain a continuous high viscous mass.

Approximated Capacity up to 2500 Kg/h


  • Gums: Cut & Wrap Lines, Rolling & Scoring Lines, Gumball Lines (Sugar or Sugar less)