Pharma Solutions

Our company creates new machine designs and improves existing machines to accomplish international standards as GAMP5, CFR.21, FDA, ISO.S.95.



Pellet production lines can be designed for manual or automatic operation. The main components consist of a dosing unit to feed an extruder, which creates vermicelli, which are shaped into pellets inside of the spheronizer and then cooled. The pellet production lines can be extended and customized in numerous ways to automatize and optimize the operation.

Line Parts:

  • Main components:  dosing unit, extruder, spheronizer, cooling unit
  • Extensions: lifting column, dosing unit, feeding hopper, batch proportioner, mill 

Capacity & Options:

  • 5 –   80 kg/h, for manual lines
  • 5 – 100 kg/h, for automatic lines
  • Ex – protection
Hotmelt-Extruder – Pharmaextruder – Laboratory Extruder

Extruders with independent heating zones according to the user requirements provide the required accuracy for any pharmaceutical product. The screws of co-rotating extruder can be configured to meet any process requirements. Our extruders range from laboratory models to full scale production machines, which facilitates an upscaling of the production.

The machines can be integrated in a complete line or act as an independent machine, depending on the process.

Spheronizers range from laboratory models to automatic production lines featuring a GMP design for the pharma industry. Various options like the Ex-protection provide the flexibility to master any pellet forming process.

Production Data:

  • Pellet dimensions from 0,4 to 5 mm
  • Batch size from 0,15 to 6 kg
  • Spheronization time from 1 to 5 minutes

The volumetric dosing unit Dosimex is typically used to provide DE type extruders with a constant feed of dry or humid powder. The Dosimex features a wide range of possibilities since it can be used as a standalone machine or be integrated into the extruder controls, depending on the application. The GMP design for the pharma industry renders this machine easily cleanable, since the product contact parts can be dismantled without tools.


  • Output from 10 – 300 kg/h for dry powder
  • Output from 5 – 200 kg/h for humid powder

Batch proportioners are part of many pellet production lines as they collect the extruded vermicelli in a hopper before releasing them automatically into the spheronizer when the required weight is reached. The GMP design meets the hygiene requirements of the pharma industry.


  • Ex - protection
  • Heated hopper
  • Separate control system
Coating machinen – fixed or tiltable – Labor coating machines

Gabler provides completely automatic coating systems with a pan in onion or pear shape depending on the application. Our innovative spraying technique and the extensive drying system provide the shortest coating times in the business. The recipe management and the coating angle control provide various possibilities to improve existing coating processes or to test new ones before upscaling to a production line.


  • from 20 kg to 1000 kg per batch


  • Film Coating
  • Suspension Coating